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Available through both a CSA and a regular feature at the Saturday Portland Farmers Market at PSU.

The La Terra Vita farm stand offers a fine variety of vegetables as well as fresh eggs laid by their free-roaming hens, and their specialty is their amazing array of types of potatoes. Absolutely delicious. La Terra Vita is a must-stop when you're visiting Portland's Saturday market at PSU.

My farmer, my Food, my Dinner

Madge Peinkofer, Salem

What I liked so much was the relationship of my food, my farmer, and the dinner on my table. I loved that it was organic, local, and delivered. We really appreciated exploring different food items that we would not normally try or know anything about. We also liked the traditional food items that we were familiar with. I grew to really appreciate the seasonality of the food. It grounded me to the natural cycles of the earth that we don’t experience in the grocery stores.

A Weekly Blessing

Patrick Fink, Portland

The produce is amazing and varied, sublimely fresh, and often comes with a hidden recipe or poem tucked away inside. They tested the soil and groundwater of their site and they go to great lengths to use no unnatural means of growing, and even exclude the use of "natural" pesticides like BT that are used in conventional organic operations. In the modern world, you can find no cleaner nor more nutritious food than theirs.

Great farm, Wonderful People!

John Harrington, Salem

My family and I have been customers of La Terra Vita for over 8 years. When we began using La Terra Vita's eggs and changing nothing else, we noticed an improved flavor and color in recipes that we've made for a long time, especially family favorites like creme brulee and home-made ice cream.

La Terra Vita's greens are also superb and the variety is amazing. I don't remember all their names, but there is a Japanese variety with yellow flowers that is our favorite. The mustard greens have just the right amount of fiery kick to light your mouth up and the micro-greens are a tender treat. We also love the fingerling potatoes, all the different squashes, carrots, parsnips, wild blackberries, etc., etc. Here again, we like these things for their superior flavor, texture, nutrients as well as what is not in them: no pesticides or herbicides.

La Terra Vita produces good clean food and we feel better when we eat it.

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